Design models
Architectural models
Functional models
Prototypes, batch production

3D data types of ceontional Construction programs and design tools
CNC lathes 3 and 5 axles
3D printer

Laminate technology in carbon fibre and fibreglass
Casts form silicone moulded parts atmospheric/vacuum cast
Polyurethane rubber casts coloured
STL, SDM und sintering technology
Varoius coating technologies

Look and feel

Although the traditional model building as a meaning of translating design ideas has been loosing importance within the last years in favour of the possibilities offered by 3D visualisation, it is still a key tool in the process of design development. Pre-models are of great help when it comes to conveying topics like usability, user ergonomics and proportions early in the outlining phase and at the same time they offer an easy way to improve and guide the development process into the right direction.

Photorealistic renderings and animations are an excellent support in the designing process, however, they still cannot replace the haptic and visual impression of a perfect design model reflecting the intended end product. The presentation of the final design in form of a model to the developing team is often an important milestone and a basis for decision-making for the following development process. The agency can offer you, supported by their co-operating partners, a wide variety of services in model making and developing of prototypes.